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How much time do the daily prompts take?
Daily prompts will take you up to 10 minutes, with the majority being 3-5 minutes per day.

When and what  are the live calls?

Live calls are Energy Clearing and Q and A hosted by Hannah.
Energy clearings is a meditative practice where I connect us to the light and support us all to create more space and freedom in our systems. 
Q and A will be time dependent to allow questions/sharings for where you are at, what you are moving through and provide you with all the support and love I possibly can.
These are on each Thursday during the 21 days. A total of 3 calls, 1 hour in length via Zoom.

9am PST/ 12pm EST/ 5pm GMT/ 6pm CET

I want to join but can't make all the calls?
The daily prompts alone can be a very transformative process so perhaps thats enough for you this time round. The calls themselves are optional. The energy clearing portion of the call will always be recorded and added to the private Facebook group for the edition we are in. The Q and A section is not to ensure confidentiality and a space to support safety. Q and A's can are welcomed anytime on the Facebook group and I will make my best efforts to always get back to you within 48hrs (this is when the editions are live).  

I specifically want to work with you on my business and be supported by constellation work?
If you haven't already checked it our, take a look at my blog post on 'Business and The Body'. So the 21 Day Love the Skin You're In will absolutely support you. However I do not plan to specifically use constellations in the program.
For 1:1 Business mentorship please schedule a discovery call where we will learn more about whether we are a fit.         .
For team leadership development and business consultancy please direct your enquiries to New Way of Work.      .  


Your query unanswered here? Want to make a request? Contact via email below  


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