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My happiest memory as a child was slowly, on my own wandering on the beach. Exploring, stepping from stone to stone barefoot, feeling the sun on my skin, and salt wind through my hair.


People ask me how I have become a thriving multiple business owner and seemingly lead so much, and am always anchored in happiness.


The answer to that is to honour that child within in the truest way possible.

It has taken a while for me to get to where I am now….


I used to believe success in life came from working really hard, having it all figured out and climbing the 'ladder' by saying Yes to great “opportunities”,  and doing what was asked of me.

That way of approaching life got me quite far. I had the big job as Senior Director at Nike. The relationship, owner of multiple properties, lovely holidays.

But somewhere deep down I always had this feeling of more in the pit of my stomach. That something was missing from all of those areas.

In truth I wasn't totally in love with my job. My relationship was far from fuelled with passion. And even when it came to my holidays and adventures I was always left with a less than satisfied feeling when returning home.

I ignored that gut feeling for a long while. I even got married, continued down the path of checking the boxes of how I felt life was meant to roll. 

Until eventually the laws of the universe caught up with me. The deep unhappiness I was busy ignoring started to come out in my behavior and caused serious destruction to the most cherished relationships in my life. 

In what was a very painful time in my life I eventually turned to seeking for help, choosing to stop the lies, and opening to a path of discovery, of adventure on my own terms and leaving behind my old life of that lack luster feeling, and take the path that makes my heart beat faster.

That was back in 2018. And in those  years since I can hand on an incredibly alive heart say I have lived, traveled (inside and out) a million times more fully, more authentically and most critically more presently than the 32 years prior to that.

Sexuality work, emotional release, energy clearing, tantra, breathwork, shamanism, spirituality, science, health, nutrition, family constellation, meditation, dance, human design, psychedelics, sport, nature, journalling, mirror work, sharing circles, volunteering, racial work, wealth and money work, angel investing, founding companies, building apps, websites, training teams, hosting events, philosophy, more sociology to add to my BsC, consultancy, business constellations, interior design, building, moved house 6 times and lived in a van. Lived in community, met Esther Perel. Lived alone, dived deep into a new relationship and became a bonus mum. Got another  puppy and 2 cats. Opened a co-working space, joined investment circles and founded new ones. Won the lottery many times ;-), hiked the Candanian wilderness solo, snowboarded on my own for a week, cycled many many miles. Cried more than ever, whilst often being seen. Screamed, felt lost and alone. Made new friends, that are now my best friends. Made new friends who are now also my business partners. Helped women feel themselves and recognise how incredibly spectacular they are. Listened. Sat in silence alone for days, sat in silence with others for days.  Became a writer, a singer, a storyteller. Stood on stages around the world, and a lot of zoom stages. Shared my stories of pain turned pleasure in an attempt to bring lightness and hope to others around the world. Made money, more than ever. Laughed, more than ever. Smiled, danced and felt more happy than ever. Slept, alot. Ate ice cream for breakfast, ate ice cream in bed. Become an owner and leader of many businesses all whilst starting my days slowly with my dog in nature, all whilst travelling and exploring more than ever, all whilst feeling more rested, at ease and spacious than ever.


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