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Business + The Body 
1:1 Coaching With Hannah

I support founders and CEOs to lead courageously. 

I always knew I wanted to have my own business, ever since I can remember I always said one day I will work for myself in lots of different things. I always saw myself with my hands and heart in many pies (that's an English phrase).

Today I get to sit and smile with a deep sense of peace and passion in my belly leading and running multiple successful and thriving businesses. 

What I wasn't expecting with entrepreneurship was the deepest,  most intense ride of personal growth in my entire life. I felt because I'd thrived in 10 years of sales and marketing  at Nike that I was set up for the challenge.

It turns out I did what so many do. I fell into the trap of making business super personal, becoming tied up in the right way rather than focusing on my way. And generally over complicating things and overwhelming myself by often getting stuck in the big picture and the future, or being bogged down by the detail.

I also did a lot of great things. I found my own voice and rhythm blending my business expertise with a the vision I had for a new way of doing. I built myself a support network of entrepreneurs including 2 female co-founders. I've learnt tremendously, from taxes, to tech builds, to literally starting projects and new systems because what I wanted to support my company didn't exist. I've learnt money and opportunities  are limitless and everywhere, as well as having an amazing supportive team around me is my natural state of being as a leader. 

I've also kept some of the old ways because a few of them are actually pretty great.

And the best thing about where I have landed after all that, some years on. Is that it gets to be easy. It gets to look exactly how I want it to. I'm doing and building business on my terms.

Working with me you will plug in to the New Way of Work resources, tools and support system which includes energy clearings and business constellations in our online calls. As well as our sales and marketing approach/philosophy and founder tips and tricks to set you up for a smooth ride.

What to Expect

We will work together for a minimum of 6 month to deepen your connection to your body and from there have a greater understanding and compass in what leadership looks like for you.

As you become more familiar and allow emotional field to flow, release, you will also create the space and capacity for your ideas, creativity and business structure and plans to take shape.

I welcome you to gift yourself the guidance and support of a female leader and mentor by your side. 

Are you?

+ A corporate women longing to find a healthier more balanced way to be at work on a day to day base; constantly running yourself into burnout and battling with the traditional structures and ways of working?

+ A Corporate women deeply feeling the call to navigate an exit into the world of entrepreneurship and feeling overwhelmed on what that practically looks like? Especially with money!

+ An existing entrepreneurs or perhaps you've pivoted to being a mother, and you're feeling inspired with shifting what work looks like for you? At the start of the journey, ideas are taking shape and looking for more clarity and structure to navigate the next steps.

+Entrepreneurs deep in their journey, maybe for a full lifetime with up and running commercial brands, hut at what expense? Feeling ready to retire from the conditioning of what society says success has to mean, and bring a new type of ease, balance and culture to themselves and your people. 

What it looks like:

  • I work and support women because they feel the deep call and pull from their womb and heart to be supported by me and my approach to life. 

  •  I support you over the 6 months in navigating what your business looks like from the deepest part of you.

  • We meet 2 x per month via zoom (calls recorded for you to re-listen to). 

  • Sessions always include Energy Clearing + utilising additional tools I have found to support me in this journey (embodiment practices, marketing and sales tips, network suggestions, financial/structural proposals and life affirming ways to build your own authentic balance from within).

What Results you can expect:

  • This work is magical, and if we are a womb to womb fit then the trust in this time together to propel you into your most magical thriving business is 

  • A beautiful relationship to yourself

  • A clean, clear and inspiring relationship to your business which creates impact and makes money.

  • An overflow of everything in your life, creativity, love, wealth, juiciness and community.

Click below to answer some supportive questions and schedule a 30 min call with me so we can confirm our yes together into this juicy time together.  

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1:1 Business + The Body Coaching with Hannah.

Learn more + Schedule Your Discovery Call Today

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